New labeling requirements for non-prescription drugs and natural health products

Health Canada released on June 30, 2016 a new guidance document for the industry entitled “Good Label and Package Practices Guide for Non-prescription Drugs and Natural Health Products”. The purpose of this guidance is to improve the safe use of non-prescription drugs and natural health products (NHPs) by making it easier for Canadians to read, understand and use.

The main change is the implementation of a Canadian Drug Facts Table (CDFT) on the outer labels of non-prescription drugs products.

These new labelling requirements will be phased in to the Canadian marketplace starting June 2017 and non-prescription drug products must be in full compliance at the retail level by June 2021.

Although the CDFT is not required for NHPs, the guide strongly recommends to present a “Products Facts Table” for NHPs as this new format will eventually be applied.

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